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Structural Analysis and Material Optimization of Aircraft Fuselage
Vasudev H , Rangaswamy H & Imran Ali M R
Presently the Aircraft industries are normally using the fuselage skin made of Aluminum alloy with supporting structural members along longitudinal and circumferential directions. Since fuselage is meant for transportation, hence the strength and safety is the main priority. The fuselage has to be designed in such a way that it should have greater strength and should be light weight. This research work basically focuses on reducing the weight and to increase the strength of the fuselage. In this thesis Aluminum alloy is replaced with Composite materials. The analysis performed for Aluminum alloy and Composite materials using ANSYS 15.0. In this paper the structural behavior and fracture characteristics of the fuselage has been studied. Finally the conclusion has been made that the Aluminum alloy can be replaced with Composite material without affecting the strength of the fuselage.
Displacement, Stress, Crack, Stress Intensity Factor.
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