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Implementation of I.T.S (Intelligent Transport System) Testing Equipment
Lavanya N jayakar , Vishwanath Hulagur & Praveenayya B
Evaluation and validation is considered as an important part of the project development process, and be considered in each phase: strategy formulation, detailed planning, system design, system implementation, data gathering, data study, and reporting of results. It is the consistent contemplation of how well project goals and objectives are being achieved. The primary purpose of evaluation is to cause changes in the project so that it ultimately meets goals and objectives. At the same time validation measures involves modelling flow to predict faults that might show the way to invalid verification or expansion of a product, service, or system. The most effective evaluations occur when goals and objectives are explicitly stated, are measurable, and validated all parties involved. Thus this project involves the implementation of Intelligent Transport System Test Rig, which evaluates and validates the product for any hardware manufacturing defects that could, otherwise, adversely affect the product’s correct performance.
I.T.S Test Rig, Validation process for I.T.S, I.T.S Testing, Pre-requisite Test for I.T.S, I.T.S checking procedure, I.T.S Testing
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