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Optimization of the Performance of Heat Pipe Using Simulation Methods
Manu N D , Vinay L
The heat pipe is one of the most efficient systems known today than any other systems which transport heat. Heat pipe performance depends on a number of factors. The objective of the current study is to optimize the thermal performance of heat pipe by varying the porosity and condenser length with the help of ANSYS CFX. Multiphase analysis is carried out to optimize the performance of heat pipe. The geometry of Heat Pipe is obtained from the previous literature, before optimization the results obtained for the taken geometry were validated with results available in the literature. Modeling and Meshing were made for different condenser length and porosity. Analysis is performed in ANSYS CFX with necessary boundary conditions and CFX solutions are obtained. Many iterations were carried out to achieve the good results by comparing with the results of the previous geometry results. From the results obtained by iteration the optimization is done for 2.4 Condenser length to Evaporator length ratio and 0.7 porosity.
Heat Pipe, Thermal performance, Multiphase, Condenser length, Porosity.
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