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Design Assessment and Fatigue Life Estimation for Aircraft EGT Sensor
Kushal Kumar G , Shivappa H A
The problem concerns with the deep investigation of fatigue life estimation for exhaust gas temperature sensor. The high temperature of exhaust gases is sensed by two sensors provided in support tube which in turn connected to the junction box. Due to high temperature it will undergo deformation which can be analyzed and calculated by using the steady state thermal and harmonic analysis. The fatigue life estimation is being done by using modified Goodman method. If the temperature is above the prescribed range then we cannot get accurate readings and also it undergoes deformation to overcome these above problems we tested a sensor for fatigue life under dynamic loading and safe life is estimated. In this project the design of the EGT assembly will increases the efficiency of the turbofan engine and the turbine blades and mean while increases the fatigue life of the EGT assembly.
Fatigue, EGT, Exhaust Gases, Temperature, Sensor
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