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Design, Optimization and Numerical analysis of Pressure Cylindrical Assembly
Keni Sujeet Suhas , Shivappa H A
Pressure vessels have been widely used for many years in chemical, petroleum, air industries as well as in nuclear power plants. They are usually subjected to high pressures and temperatures which may be constant or cycling. Factors such as vessel material, shape, chemical composition, seismic loads, nozzle loads, vessel mounting, environment of vessels etc. can have different influence on performance of pressure vessels. The ?uid being stored may undergo a change of state inside the pressure vessel as in case of steam boilers or it may combine with other reagents as in a chemical plant. The pressure vessels are designed with great care because rupture of pressure vessels means an explosion which may cause loss of life and property. The problem concerns with the deep investigation of the stress at bottom junction intermediate tori cone joint of the vertical dual shell pressure vessel made up of Inconel 600. The tori cone joint is the component which connects between high and low pressure cylinder in the vertical cylindrical pressure vessel. Intermediate failure is not acceptable in the running condition and thus redesign effort was performed to achieve the positive design margin. This was achieved through shape optimization using FE Software.
Pressure vessel, Seismic Loads, Yield Criteria, Teri cone, Nozzle.
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