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CFD Analysis for the Cooling Vent in Automobile
Vijay Kumar M , Basawaraj & Dr B R Shridhar
Now a days the aerodynamics is the last frontier in which the race teams try to gain those precious seconds and levels of grip. Teams one coming up with new innovations which then will give them the edge. For an automotive engineer it is vital to know the basics in aerodynamics, because on in the commercial side the cars are made externally aerodynamic in order to achieve the lowest possible fuel consumption, and internally for more comfortable design. As the rules are very strict regarding the engine, power train, etc. what is left is the external and internal aerodynamics. Only few teams have incorporated external aerodynamics in their design and some of those teams have been quite successful. The main reason why the teams haven’t spent time in developing the internal aerodynamics in the car cabin is because of lack of focus in getting more efficient cooling system. In this paper, basics of aerodynamics will be presented briefly, along with the basics of an internal cooling system and cooling vent design. Different designs of cooling vent are evaluated, from the point of view of their suitability to meet the desired requirements.
Airflow, HVAC, Aerodynamics, Power Train, Cooling System.
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