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Finite Element Analysis and Optimization of Loading Bin and Mining Platform
Bipin J , Hanumanthlal S & Harish H
In the present work, a frame structure and bin structure used in the mining applications are analyzed for structural safety conditions. Initially theoretical calculations are carried out to find the minimum section dimensions for both frame and the bin structures. The geometries are built using Ansys preprocessor. Due to regularity of the members, shell and beam elements are used after creating the models using areas and lines. For the first frame structure, lines are meshed with beam188 element with appropriate section properties and ribs are meshed with shell elements. The analysis results shows complete safety of the frame structure for the given 35 tons load. Similarly the bin structure is built for the given specifications. The geometry is built using areas and lines. Here areas are meshed with shell elements and lines are meshed with beam188 elements. Appropriate properties are assigned and analysis is carried out for 16 ton ore structure. The result shows complete safety of the problem. But higher factor of safety is observed in the problem. So design iterations are carried out by varying thickness of ribs and shell until the design reaches to the allowable limits of deformation. Overall 48% reduction in the bin structure is observed. So finite element analysis can be effectively used to reduce the overall weight and in turn cost can be reduced. Similarly maintenance also comes down due to lesser weight of the structures.
Mining, Frame, Loading bin, Analysis, Optimization.
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