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Structural Chassis Design and Finite Element Optimization of a Truck for Road Vibration
Bharath S B , Prashantha Kumar S T & Harish H
In the present work, two chassis are analyzed to find the optimum chassis structure. Both the models are checked theoretically for certain cross sections and final validation is done through finite element software ‘Ansys’. Generally the best designs are identified by lesser stress, lesser displacement and higher natural frequencies. So the analysis is mainly concentrated on these parameters to find the best design. Initially both the models are modeled using three dimensional modeling softwares and are imported to Hypermesh in ‘step’ file format. After shell meshing with proper quality checks, the meshed models are imported to Ansys in ‘inp’ file format for further analysis. Totally 5 load cases are analyzed to find the best chassis designs. The 5 load cases are self weight, external weight and three spectrum loads. The results are captured for stress and displacement for each case and are tabulated. The results shows better results with second model compared to the first one as displacement and stresses are less with second model. Also second model shows higher stiffness, rigidity and uniformity for all three spectrum loads. Along with this, modal analysis is carried out and again model 2 shows better dynamic behavior. So the model 2 is better for the given loading considerations.
Chassis, Displacement, Stresses, Spectrum loads, Modal analysis.
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