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Design of Injection Mould Tool for Rubber Seal Used in Water Heater
Karthik G L , Dr. Ramegowda D
The rubber products are having high demend in this modern world, these rubber are processed by various methods depends upon the type of the rubber used. Injection moulding has more advantages comprise reduced labour cost better dimensional control and shorter cure times than transfer mould and compression mould. So, our choice is injection moulding process for moulding given component called seal. Injection moulding is a plastic and rubber manufacturing process, where in plastic and rubber that have been compressed into plastic pellets are fed into an injection moulding machine. These machines mould the pellets into the correct shape and add additives to give them the correct color and texture. This paper presents the conceptual design of rubber injection mould. The method represented for the design of four-cavity injection mould. The material used for the production of the component is EPDM. The technique is incorporated to produce a good quality component considering the ease of manufacturability and Positive ejection of the component within the minimum possible time and cost. Any product to be manufactured invariably requires machines and tool. Tool design and development is a specialized and critical area. The tool design should match the machine specification and should be accurate and economical for successful life of a component or product.
Injection mould, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), Ejection system
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